Kedar S Golvelker

Hi All,

I am Golvelker Kedar from 2000-2003 batch.

I am glad that I got a chance to share my ideas for FCAIT, GLSU, an institute which nurtured and molded me with great skills. This only made me capable enough to get into a company like TCS. I realized how lucky I am; to be a part of FCAIT, GLSU, when I put my foot in the industry.

We always used to hear that industry is very tough; we may need to fight for our place, It’s true; we have seen people doing that. But at the same time we have seen GLSites making their way towards success very smoothly.

I still remember the days when we used to feel bad after getting scolded in presentation or getting our submission rejected by the faculty members. But now, when we get a pat on our back from our managers, saying that 'Hey man you really have done a great job. You really have great oral and written communicational skills’; that really reminds us the pain that our faculty members took to make sure that we, the GLSites, become perfect in technical and communicational skills.

Believe me; the students from colleges, where there are no activities like presentation, documentation of work done etc., do face troubles when they are asked to do the same in the industry.

So, to all the students of FCAIT, GLSU, I have only one message, "You are lucky, as was I, to be a part of FCAIT, GLSU. You will feel an edge over others when you will be competing with others, in your future".

For me GLS means “Guaranteed Lifetime Success” I wish all the success to GLS and all the GLSites.

- Kedar S Golvelker
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Anuj Patel

Great infrastructure, quality and experienced professors, good library and highly competitive environment. If you are experiencing the above mentioned then rest assured you might well be in FCAIT, GLSU. I never had thought in my life that doing MCA would be so simple.

I still remember the speech of our director Prof.R.P.Soni in which he one of the things he mentioned was that "Give me 3 years of your life and I assure you a smooth life time ever after...". And smooth has it been ever since I completed my MCA. A little would have been achieved had it to do only with the boom in the markets. The markets are up beat, the vacancies are always on, but the people are still recruited on the basis of their merits. The positions that FCAIT, GLSU students have acquired in their own respective companies is the proof to this.

I would always remember the time spent with the professors at FCAIT, GLSU where in they would not just focus on the curriculum related activities but also at times involve themselves in the problems that students would face and more often they would rectify them if found appropriate. They always ensured that the libraries are equipped with the quality books. Getting a new software installed in the labs was never a problem. Even if we wanted to crash an OS an experimental lab was there to do it...All in all it was great time spent in FCAIT, GLSU and I do not repent my decision of taking admission in FCAIT, GLSU ahead of all the institutes...

Anuj Patel
Argusoft India Ltd.


Pooja Thariani

FCAIT, GLSU is a place where we students got a healthy and challenging environment. We have always got lot of encouragement and help from all the faculty members. We were also encouraged to participate in all sorts of events organized nation wide and were extended all the support for it. The exposure we got their helped us a lot to face the challenges at the real work place. My sincere thanks to one and all.

- Pooja Thariani

Vishal Narvani

Joining FCAIT, GLSU for post graduation is one of the best decisions of my life. It’s hard to explain in words what GLS has given me in past three years. In IT field only theoretical approach doesn’t work practical approach is must that’s what I am realising now by working in industry. Luckily, I don’t need to struggle much because the faculties of FCAIT, GLSU shape all the students in such a way that students shine not only in their academic career but as well as their professional career. Apart from that, FCAIT, GLSU organizes different seminars and state level events, which helped me in numerous way as all the faculties encouraged me to organize and host those events. By doing these I started to learn leadership skills lessons at small level and these skills are now very much helpful in industry.

The best thing that I realised in my unforgettable journey was the faculty members groomed us not only for making us good IT professionals, but also to make us good humans. They were always pleased to help me every time I got stuck. Their constant support and guidance helped me come so far and made me the steady person I am today. Their constant motivation and confidence instilled a sense of responsibility in me.

In nutshell if I say "FCAIT, GLSU” has given me the opportunity to do and be the best that I can be and I know that I can accomplish anything in my future endeavours. It was AWESOME!"

Vishal Narvani
Complitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Manish Karmani

After spending 3 years at FCAIT, GLSU, we realized it is the best possible thing that could have happened in my life.

This college has an endless line of academic opportunities, the professors here are absolutely fantastic, they all have a level and are more than willing to let students come and interact with them on a 1 - 1 basis, they are happy to offer projects and are on their toes to help the students grow in any way possible.

CyberContour a festival of knowledge and culture that is organized each year. It links together different knowledge networks and reinforces the significance of Innovation, Interaction, Information, Communication and Technology in the 21st century through the agencies of panel discussions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and exciting competitive events. It serves students as a meeting place for creative minds to discuss their ideas and allow for testing of their ideas in the face of intense competition, rigorous evaluations and a touch of the carnival.

The infrastructure of the institute is amazing. Education is top notch in quality and the focus is solely on improving the quality of students.

- Manish Karmani
Net-Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd.