Corporate Participation

Though classroom learning is given emphasis at FCAIT, GLSU, students are required to undertake a number of practical projects in the different courses of the programme. Every student in the final semester of the programme is required to undertake a live full time project assignment in the industry. A student chooses the topic on which primary data is gathered and analyzed in order to prepare a working system, for which he/she is supposed to work in the industry. At the end of the duration a project report for the same is prepared that is evaluated by a panel of experts.

Few professional projects 2013-2014 at a glance:

Project Title Technology
Drawing Board Polling and Text Chatting Modules for Video Conferencing Tool "Roobroo" wxWidget framework (VC++)
Crestel Mediation Engine Windows XP, Android(Eclipse), Net Beans(Web Service)
In Memory Session Data Management J2EE, Eclipse, Apache, SVN
Best Batsman of the World MAC OS, Unity v4.3.1f1 , Monodevlop V 4.0.1
Dynamic Frontend C# , ASP.NET, jQuery ,Sql Server 2008
Alert Management System JAVA, Spring, Hibernate
CMS for LovKush Infrastructure .com PHP, CSS , MySQL
Startup Jobs PHP(YII Framework)
Dynamic Hadoop Cloudera Manager, Hue, Ganglia, Hive,HBase
Gnanvidhi Event Management System ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2008
Multi Device Hybrid Credit Card Application - Customer Facing Worklight, Java Script, PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS, J2EE
"AccuRate" - Accurate Rating for Employee Evaluation iOS, Android, XCode, Eclipse
E-book of Educational Activity CodeLobster 4.4 , HTML 5 ,CSS, Javascript , JSON

Few professional projects 2012-2013 at a glance:

Project Title Technology
Developing Packate Analyzer Fedora, Pcap Library
Cypher Chat Windows XP, Android(Eclipse), Net Beans(Web Service)
Scale-Out Email Server With Postfix Linux, postfix, Dovecot
Automation For 24 Online Windows 7, Linux, Eclipse, Oracle, SQL Developer, VMWare
Elite Dsc Redirect Agent Windows 7, Linux, Core Java, JQuery
Foodiez Windows 7, Oracel, JDeveloper 11G, SQL Server 10G
Business Rule Engine Windows 7, C# .Net, SQL 2008
Diagram Modeling MAC OS, Objective C Language,iOS SDK 6.0, SQLITE 3.0 Database,XCode IDE 4.5
Business Iphone Application MAC OS, iPhone (XCode IOS 6.1)
Uexplore Windows XP, DreamWeaver, MySQL,PHP
Fitugo Android 2.1, Eclipse IDE, Android ADT plugins,MYSQL, JDK 6
Automatic Photo Analyzer And Album Maker (Getinapick) Windows 7, Visual Studio 2012 AND SQL Server 2008, Windows Azure Cloud storage
Cloud Server For Pc Based Report Xpert Linux, Cloud Server, JDK 6, Eclipse, SQL Server
Etax And E-Return Filing Software Windows XP, Windows 7, Java, Swing, Netbeans, MySQL, Safenet, Jasper Report, Advanced Installe
Silvershop Android 3.0, Eclipse
E-Boss(Business On 0Sms System) Windows XP, ASP.NET framework 3.5 with C# and SQL Server 2005
Content Management Hybrid Ipad App IOS, Windows , WebSphere Portal Server, Worklight, PhoneGap, J2EE, CSS, HTML5
Specialized Time Attendance App Using Biometric Fingerprint Scan Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008 And SQL Server 2005