Book Publication

1. Bhushan Trivedi, “Data Communication and Networks”, Oxford University Press, August 2016. (ISBN: 9780199455997)
2. Prof. R P Soni, Prof. Jyorika Doshi, Dr. Harshal Arolkar and Prof. Arpit Jain have co-authored 5 textbooks in the subject of “Introduction to Computer Science” and “Computer Studies (based on Ubuntu 10.04 )” for Gujarat State Education Board:

Standard 12th revised syllabus, June 2009.
Standard 9th, April 2013.
Standard 11th, April 2013.
Standard 10th , April 2014.
Standard 12th, April 2014.

3. Bhushan Trivedi, “Programming with ANSI C++, Second Edition”, Oxford University Press, August 2012. (ISBN-13: 978-0-19-808396-2)
4. Zakiya Malek and Tripti Dodiya ,”Computer Organisation and Advanced Microprocessors, Cengage Learning ,2012 .(ISBN-13:978-81-315-1798-7)
5. “ CRM for education institutions and universities” is published by IGI- Global in the edited book titled ‘Enterprise Resource planning models in the education sector: Applications and methodologies’ having ISBN number 978-1-4666-2193-0(hard cover), ISBN 978-4666-2194-7(ebook) and ISBN 978-1-46666-2195-4(print) in September 2012 on page numbers 171-177.
6. Bhushan Trivedi, “Computer Networks”, Oxford University Press, 2011. (ISBN-13: 978-0-19-806677-4)
7. Harshal A. Arolkar and Sonal Jain, “Simplifying C” Second Edition, Dreamtech Press, August 2011. (ISBN: 978-93-5004-049-2)
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9. Harshal A. Arolkar and Sonal Jain, “Simplifying C”, Dreamtech Press, August 2010. (ISBN: 978-93-5004-049-2). 
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11. M T. Savaliya and Harshal A. Arolkar, “Data Structure Management”, Atul Prakashan, August 2008. Second Edition published in June 2009.