History of GLS

Give a man wealth, he might squander it. But give him education and it will not only enrich his own life but it will also make him more conscious towards his duties to the society.

In essence, education leads to knowledge; in turn knowledge leads to achievement and achievements leads to fulfillment. Each letter of the word 'EDUCATION' enshrines an ideal, a value. These are, respectively, Enlightenment, Dedication, Understanding, Character, Action, Thought, Integrity, Originality and Nationhood.

With this mission Gujarat Law Society was established in 1927 by the iron man of India - Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first speaker of the Lok Sabha - Shri Ganesh Mavlankar, Business magnet - Shri Kasturbhai Lal Bhai, Legal Luminary - Shri I.M Nanavati and other stalwarts whose foresight and vision have guided it through seven decade of existence. Gujarat Law Society has 37 quality premier institutions, imparting knowledge and offering courses in various disciplines to more than 30,000 aspiring students.

Just as a jeweler carves the diamonds with utmost care, GLS has been contributing its part in molding the students of the day into decent and responsible citizens of the nation. GLS has established itself as a premier educational complex in Gujarat providing education in Arts, Commerce, Law and Professional Courses such as MCA, MBA, BBA, BCA, CA, CS, ICWA, P.T.C and B.Ed.


Shri Deepak Navnitlal Parikh - President
Shri Sudhir I Nanavati - Executive Vice President
Shri Suresh N. Shelat - Vice President
Shri Devang S Nanavati - Honorary Secretary
Shri Harin A. Choksi - Trustee
Shri C. M. Jagabhaiwala - Trustee
Shri Arun Chinubhai Shri P. T. Munshaw
Shri Prakash H Bhagwati Shri Malav J Shah
Shri Biren D Parikh Shri Yashwant M. Patel
Shri Priyam B. Mehta Shri Janak D. Parikh
Shri Mahendra Ambalal